Providing Care

Safety Tips for Providing Child Care

Safety in child care settings should be a top priority. Below are some items and tips ICES suggests.

  • Fire extinguishers – conduct yearly checks to ensure the device is properly charged
  • Smoke alarms at every floor level – change batteries when time changes
  • First Aid kit – conduct monthly checks to ensure the kit is adequately stocked
  • TV/furniture anti-tip straps – furniture when pulled can cause serious injury from the weight of a falling object
  • Outlet plugs
  • Cabinet & drawer locks
  • No choke tube – measures toys and other items that present choking hazards – keep those items away from children
  • Anti-scalding devices (for faucets)
  • Safety gates at stairs (top & bottoms)
  • Door knob covers – prevents children from entering off limit areas or leaving unaccompanied
  • Corner/edge bumpers
  • Oven locks
  • Rail nets for stairs, decks, porches

Safety Reminders

  • Store medicines out of reach where children
  • Keep emergency contact numbers – up date them regularly and keep them readily accessible
  • Place furniture away from high windows
  • Use window locks to ensure small openings to prevent children falling out
  • Do not have window blinds with looped cords
  • Avoid toy chest with free-falling heavy lids
  • Keep cleaning products out of reach
  • Store guns and ammunition in a locked cabinet
  • Complete certification in CPR/First Aid
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