Raising Healthy Families

In 1983, ICES received funding from OCAP to begin the Raising Healthy Families Program in Tuolumne County. This program has recently expanded their year-round parenting classes to two nights a week to meet the growing needs of families in Tuolumne County.

Parenting is a tough job and an enormous responsibility. Whether you are a single parent, two-parent family, or grandparent or family member raising a child, we are here to help you. The Raising Healthy Families Program in Tuolumne County has dedicated staff that support parents and guardians. It is through our free services that we can help strengthen your family. We provide individualized in-home parenting support, educational parenting workshops, and year-round basic parenting classes. In addition to these services, Raising Healthy Families offers free therapeutic services to support your family through tough times and ensure better overall mental health and wellness.

In-Home Parenting Support

Our highly trained Family Success Coaches provide personal, individualized one-on-one education, meeting families’ flexible needs. In helping parents develop effective parenting skills, the Family Success Coach identifies strengths within the family and helps them to set attainable goals along with effective ways of nurturing children. Some of the topics that may be covered are:

If you feel you are in need of parenting support or know of a parent, grandparent raising a grandchild, or foster/adoptive parent who could use some help, call us at (209) 533-0377 or fill out a contact form here to request more information.

Workshops and Classes are being offered virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. To register for parenting classes visit our Events page. Recorded workshops are available for viewing below.

Parenting Classes and Workshops

Parenting classes and workshops are a fun and educational way to meet other parents with similar concerns. We have courses which address parenting all ages of children from infants to teens. Our courses and workshops utilize evidence-based curriculum that has proved to be successful in helping parents learn:

Workshops and Parenting classes are being provided virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. To register for parenting classes visit our Events page. Recorded workshops can be accessed below. 

Understanding Trauma

Understanding Trauma discusses some of the impacts traumatic experiences may have children and how to best support them. Before watching this workshop please take time to fill out the Pre-Test and Demographic sheet. This video will be available for a limited time. 

More Resources from RHF:

Therapeutic Services

When circumstances arise with children or with family dynamics, therapeutic counseling can be extremely helpful. We offer appropriate counseling and therapeutic services to help families heal and grow stronger.

Our goal is to get to the root of the issue and develop a therapeutic plan of action to address the concerns and work toward a solution. In some cases, it might mean one-on-one  counseling. In others, it might mean a group dynamic in which a client and his or her family are actively involved in the therapeutic process.

No matter what approach or treatment regimen is undertaken, Raising Healthy Families will be there to support each of our clients with the ultimate goal of a return to a healthy and more meaningful life. The approach is strengths-based, client-centered, and flexible. It prioritizes skill building with individuals and members of the family.

Families can self-refer or have a referral sent on their behalf by agencies they are working with (i.e. TCBH, CWS, CNVC, Tuolumne County schools, etc).

Click here for a referral form.

RHF Parent Leadership

Fathers play an essential role in the lives of children. With that essential relationship in mind, this year we have dedicated Parent Leadership to fathers. We have begun this year’s Parent Leadership by incorporating our Father’s curriculum and building nurturing skills with dads. Stay tuned for updates on our new Parent Leadership classes.

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