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Looking for child care? Need help paying for child care? Frustrated with how you handled your child’s tantrum? Thinking about going into the child care business? Want to grow as a child care professional?

Whether you are a parent or a child care provider, ICES can partner with you in your efforts to provide safe, stable, supportive, and enriching environments for children. We offer a wide range of free and/or affordable programs and services that support you and the children in your life.

Child Care Resource and Referral

The Child Care Resource and Referral program is dedicated to enhancing the quality and accessibility of child care in Tuolumne and Mariposa counties. We support parents and child care providers in a number of ways. Our resource and referral specialists support parents in their search for quality child care by providing free child care referrals and information on how to effectively evaluate and choose providers. Through the Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP) ICES supports child care providers through the licensing process and by providing continued professional growth through free workshops, training, and our growing lending library. 

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CA Alternative Payment Program

Do you need help paying for child care? We recognize that it can be a challenge to make ends meet, and child care can take a large chunk out of a family’s budget!

ICES’ Subsidized Child Care Program can pay all or part of the child care costs of eligible parents at the child care program of their choice. Funding and guidelines for this program are provided by the California Department of Social Services.


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Emergency Foster Bridge Program

The Emergency Foster Bridge Program is a service offered to eligible foster parents in Tuolumne County by ICES. This program is designed to maximize funding to support the child care needs of eligible foster families and increase the capacity of child care programs to meet the needs of foster children in their care. 

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Raising Healthy Families Program

Raising Healthy Families (RHF) recognizes that parenting is a job many people struggle with on many levels. Finding a healthy balance in nurturing children successfully often becomes an overwhelming task. Dreams of raising a child in a happy, stable environment are often replaced with the reality of being forced to rely on the support of many others, such as extended family members, friends, and community members. Often, such support is minimal at best.

Stressors such as social isolation, employment, lack of transportation, and financial trouble can make it even more challenging to remain focused on parenting. RHF is an educational support program, free to any parent in Tuolumne County, who wishes to improve their relationship with their child(ren). The RHF staff is ready to listen and help you nurture your family through in-home visits, parenting workshops, and community resources. 

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The Lending Library

The ICES Lending Library is a service we are proud to offer to child care providers in Tuolumne and Mariposa counties. These libraries offer a wide range of materials from toys and learning activity kits to children’s books and professional development materials. 

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Local Child Care Planning Council

The Local Child Care Planning Council assesses Tuolumne County’s child care needs and develops plans to address those needs. The council promotes and enhances the quality of child care and development services through public education, provider education, and provision of support services by establishing priorities for the distribution of federal, state, and local child development funds. 

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