Starting a Family Child Care Business

Child Care Initiative Project

Mariposa needs more child care providers!

Do you love working with children? Are you already caring for your own children, or a friend or relative’s children? Contact our office to learn about starting a business out of your home!

In California, there are three ways to legally provide care for children:

  1. Child Care Centers: A child care center is normally operated outside the licensed provider’s home and provides non-medical care and supervision to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and/or school-age children for periods of less than 24 hours. These centers are usually in commercial buildings.
  2. Family Child Care Homes: A family child care home is operated in the provider’s own home and provides non-medical care and supervision to 14 or fewer children in a homelike environment for less than 24 hours.
  3. License-exempt providers: People who care for their own children and also for children from just one other family.

The Child Care Initiative Project (CCIP)

CCIP is a statewide initiative to build the supply and improve the quality of licensed family child care homes. Funded by the California Department of Social Services, CCIP focuses primarily on:

  • Supporting licensed, license-exempt and prospective child care providers in creating and sustaining high quality care in our county.
  • The recruitment and training of prospective family child care providers.
  • Supporting these prospective providers throughout and after the licensing process.
Father with daughters

The ultimate goal of this program is to enhance the quality and increase the supply of in-home child care settings throughout California.

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FREE Support and Technical Assistance for CCIP Participants:

  • Provide resources and assistance with questions throughout the licensing process
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Ongoing Professional Development training
  • Pre-licensing Home Visits to help prepare for Community Care Licensing (CCL) inspection


  • Reimbursements for licensing costs and requirements
    • Fingerprinting
    • TB test
    • Immunizations
    • Child-proofing materials
    • Application Fees
    • Required classes and trainings
  • Materials and supplies for workshop attendees
  • ICES Bucks (earned at workshops attended, may be used to order from approved vendors)