Child Care Subsidy Information

Parent Eligibility and Certification

For most ICES Alternative Payment (AP) Programs, the families must live, work or attend school in the county in which they apply for child care payment assistance.

Enrollment is dependent upon a family’s documented specific eligibility and need criteria that meets Title 5 regulation requirements. Families must complete a certification process at initial enrollment and must certify their eligibility every 12 months or 24 months according to specific program regulation.

Types of Child Care Providers Parent’s May Select

Parents eligible to receive child care subsidies have the option of choosing a provider or program that fits their child’s needs, the family’s schedule, location and language. The types of child care providers parents may select are:

  • Child Care Center
  • Licensed Family Child Care Home
  • License-Exempt Child Care – family relative, or friend

Provider Participation Requirements

The California Department of Social Services requires certain documents be submitted to the Alternative Payment (AP) Program in order for a provider to participate in the AP program. Required documents are determined by funding regulation and must be submitted in order for enrollment to be complete and certification is issued.

Provider Payment Guidelines

A daily record of attendance from children attending child care programs must be recorded on a daily basis on an ICES “Attendance Record”. This document is one that ICES issues to the child care provider/program each month for each child attending their child care program.

Attendance Records are due to the ICES office by the 5th day of the month for care that was provided in the previous month. This record serves as the child care program’s invoice necessary for payment of child care services rendered. All Attendance Records must be complete and signed by both the provider and parent to verify attendance as correct. Reimbursement (payment) for child care will be processed within 21 calendar days from the date ICES receives a completed Attendance Record.

Child care reimbursement is determined by the Regional Market Rate (RMR) as established by California Department of Social Services. The rate of payment will be up to a maximum allowance as set by regulation and according to the RMR based on the child’s certified hours of need for child care.