Planning Ahead for Child Care

  • Family child care needs are likely to change over time. You may have a change in your work schedule or education plan. You may prefer to have your child closer to home, or to your place of employment. You may decide that your child would be happier in a different setting or type of care. Eventually your child will likely “age-out” of that child care program.
  • Whatever the reason, it is worth your while to plan ahead! ICES Child Care Referral Specialists are happy to discuss child care options so that you can help plan ahead for potential changes. Many child care programs often have an enrollment wait list so it is important to get your child’s name on them well in advance.
  • ICES child care referrals are free and you can contact us as many times as you want or need to. All of our services are free and available to all families Monday—Friday, 8:30am to 5pm. Call us at 209-966-4474 or email us at
  • Remember ICES is here to help!