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Our goal is to support and enrich the lives of children and families. One of the many ways we do this is to partner with child care providers! We appreciate the efforts of anyone in child care who recognizes the importance of high quality care for children. ICES offers to providers a wide range of supports and services that promote the high quality relationships and environments that children need to develop in healthy and individually appropriate ways.

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges to child care providers. Over the two plus years, ICES Resource & Referral Staff and  providers have partnered in going above and beyond to support the health and safety of children while their parents work. If you provide child care to one or more children, and need any health & safety supplies, please contact ICES.

We have PPE supplies available such as masks, gloves and cleaning wipes. Please come by our office if you would like to pick up any of these items.  

Workshops & Training

ICES is committed to providing high quality workshops and training in our effort to support child care providers who are invested in offering high quality care to their clients.

Our workshops and training offer participants the opportunity to grow as professionals, connect with their peers, and to earn free materials and resources. Our workshops and training cover a wide range of research-based topics that promote best practices in child care settings. Subjects covered include but are not limited to: Health and Safety, CPR/First Aid, Ages and Stages of Child Development, and Trauma-Informed Care Practices.

In response to the COVID pandemic, we all have had to learn new strategies for connecting with one another. ICES offers virtual workshops and training to meet the needs of child care providers in our community. To learn about upcoming opportunities for enhancing your skills as a provider, join us on Zoom for one of our free workshops: 



Identity & Inclusion 

Wednesday, Septmeber 7, 2020 6:00pm-8pm

We all have multiple identities that we experience every day.  This workshop will offer many reflective practices to explore our multiple identities and how they play out in our individual lives as well as our programs. 


Led by Clay River and Shana Bender from Mariposa

Competency:  Culture, Diversity & Equity

The 12 Early Childhood Education Competencies


Tuesday September 20,2022 


The California Early Childhood Education (ECE) Competencies provide a solid foundation to grow the professional development of our state’s early childhood workforce. Learning about the different areas of competency can build your knowledge of early childhood education and provide you with new tools to use in creating a positive, nurturing learning environment.


Led by:  Suzan Greenwood and Tina Cones from Sonora & Shana Bender from Mariposa


Competency: All


 12 Early Childhood Competencies Resources


Outdoor Play in the off-season

Tuesday October 04,2022 6:00–8:00pm

In this workshop we will focus on things you can do during the fall and winter to engage in outdoor play safely and effectively.

Led by:  Shana Bender from Mariposa

Competency: Learning Environments and Curriculu

Outdoor Play Zoom Meeting


Sensory Make & Take


TBD, 6:00-8:00pm
Pending COVID status, this class will have live participants (Mariposa) making sensory tools for use in the classroom and will also be streamed online for those who want to participate but are unable to make it to the in-person session.

Led by Shana Bender from Mariposa

Competency: Child Development & Learning

Sensory Make & Take Zoom Meeting

Making My Child Care Plan work for you!

Wednesday November 2nd, 6:00-8:00pm
Are you eager to get more calls from parents to build your child care enrollment? Would you like to update your programs profile information on the My Child Care Plan database that ICES has been using for the past few years? Come to this workshop to get expert guidance and have your questions answered by the State’s lead on this database.

Led by TIna Cones & Suzan Greenwood from Tuolumne 

Competency: Administration & Supervision

MCCP Resources

Fall Trauma Informed Care Series

The Trauma Informed Care Training curriculum is intended to equip child care providers with the knowledge and skills to support the needs of children who have experienced significant adversity, which may affect thier development and behavior. The evidence based information and strategied delivered in this training are substantial. Therefore, it is administered in a 4-part series twice a year. Private training is available upon request. 
4 Mondays from 6-8pm via zoom
11/7/22 Part 1: Intro to Childhood Trauma
11/14/22 Part 2: Supportive Strategies 1
11/21/22 Part 3: Supportive Strategies 2
11/28/22 Part 4: Enhancing Caregiver Resiliency


Led by Tina Cones from Sonora

Competency: Relationships, Interaction & Guidance

Trauma Informed Care Zoom Meeting

Pre-Recorded Workshops

While we love the interaction and networking that can happen at live zoom trainings, we recognize that long days and conflicting schedules can sometimes prevent providers from attending. It is for this reason that our CCIP/R&R training staff have created a video training library where you can watch recorded trainings at your convenience and from the comfort of your own home. A course evaluation needs to be completed if you watch a recording of one of this year’s workshops or any of the Racial Justice Workshops not previously attended, as proof of attendance. Incentives, including ICES Bucks will only be given for live or recorded workshops in the current 2022/2023 fiscal year, and upon completion of the individual workshops. Links to all workshop resources are available below. 

We encourage you to check out our previous years trainings to enhance your profesional development.

Click Here For 2021-2022 Training Resources

Racial Justice Workshops

Earn While You Learn

ICES offers incentives to child care providers who actively participate in professional growth opportunities in the early care and educational field. There are two avenues for earning: Quality Counts & ICES Bucks.

Quality Counts

While participating in quality workshops and other training, why not earn a cash stipend?!  The Quality Counts program offers cash stipends to participants who are working with children ages 0-5 and are actively pursuing professional growth and development in the field of early care and education. If you are interested in earning while you learn Click Here for the 2022-2023 guidelines and applications.

Contact Suzan 209-425-0725, or Tina 425-0716,  in our Tuolumne office to learn more. 

ICES Bucks

If you attend workshops or other professional growth opportunities, but don’t participate in Quality Counts, you can still earn ICES Bucks! They can be used toward purchasing materials for your child care setting.

If you are not sure which role suits you contact Suzan  or Tina at 209-533-0377 in our Tuolumne Office or Shana in our Mariposa Office at 209-966-4474 to learn more. 

Follow us on our Mariposa Facebook and Tuolumne Facebook pages. 

The early childhood workforce in Tuolumne County has another wonderful local resource in the SEED Program, Supporting Early Education and Development. Check it out!

Lending Library

Whether you need books, toys, learning materials, or themed units, ICES in Tuolumne County provides a library of free resources to family child care providers and center staff. You can reserve your materials today!

Child Care Providers Needed!

Even during “normal” times, families in Tuolumne and Mariposa counties face a critical shortage of child care spaces that impacts their ability to go to work and/or school. The current health crisis has only served to heighten the need for qualified and dedicated child care providers. Family child care is a self-employed business that contributes significantly to the local economy and the social and emotional well-being of young children. 

If you love children and the idea of providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment in your home sounds like something you would enjoy, family child care might be the business for you!

One-on-One Technical Assistance

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to and help you determine ways to effectively address an issue in your program. Our staff is available via e-mail, telephone, virtual visits to assist you with curriculum, business questions, or provider/parent relationship questions.

My Child Care Plan

For information on how to use the provider update portal we have written step by step instructions or First Time Providers and Returning Providers. These instructions will help you with logging into MCCP and how to reset your password if you forgot it. 

Reimbursement for Health and Safety Courses

When funding is available, eligible providers may receive partial reimbursement toward completed Health and Safety Training classes or course work. To find out if you’re eligible, call ICES.

Important Notices & Updates

CCLD 2022 Updates

Community Care Licensing Division has maintained a steady flow of Provider Information Notices since March 2020 regarding operating child care programs during the COVID19 pandemic. There are new Provider Information Notices, along with information on improvements to the licensing process and better support for providers. Other topics include PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs, Healthy Habits, Trauma-Informed Care, New Legislation, and New Inspection Process Updates. 

     CPR/First Aid Courses  

  • Contact Jason Frye, (209) 431-9771 for availability and cost
  • Contact Anita Vicini (209) 536-4098 for class availability and cost
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