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RHF program purpose is to surround families with supportive strategies that
engage parents to work on improving potentials for happy, peaceful parenting
and learning how to best support their child’s learning and development. If you
are a professional interested in the opportunity to experience the success of
providing valuable insight to parents, families and child advocates then the
position of ICES Raising Healthy Families Program Manager may be for you! 

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Raising Healthy Families Program Manager- Job Description

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Infant Child Enrichment Services, ICES, is in need of a temporary Family Success Coach to provide support and education to parents or caregivers who wish to build healthy meaningful relationships with their children. ICES Raising Healthy Families program offers weekly or bi-weekly virtual visits as well as classes focused on strength-based approaches to help parents become successful in one of the
toughest jobs they will ever face – parenting. For more information click the link below. 

Family Success Coach- Temp job description

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