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Mission And Values

We have been a vital part of our community for over thirty-five years. Helping a parent find child care, training child care providers on how to create safe environments in which to nurture and educate young children, helping parents bridge the affordability gap with child care subsidies, and coaching parents to be nurturing caregivers to their children, are just a few examples of what we do. We help families to succeed, children to learn, and child care providers to be competent, confident caregivers. We continue to grow and fulfill our mission with the help of our donors and volunteers. Through the years, our purpose remains the same: to enrich the lives of children and families.




Get to Know Us

Board of Directors:

Donna Meiss, President
Retired Educator
Member since April 2019

Priscilla Davis, Vice-President
Retired Attorney
Member since September 2018

Cassandra Jenecke, Secretary/Treasurer
District Attorney
Member since September 2018

Margaret McCreary, Member
Retired Educator & Administrator
Member since February 2020
Nikki West, CPA, Member
First 5 Executive Director, Mariposa County
Member since February 2020

Nicole Scott, Member
Special Education Educator
Member since April 2021

Kimberley Martin, Member
Community Activist & Educator
Member since June 2021

To contact the board, please send an email to: info@icesagency.org


Chris Mackenzie
Executive Director

Cendie Shipp
Mariposa County                     Office Manager, Senior Advisor
Child Care Subsidy Program

Gemi Battle
Tuolumne County              Program Manager                Raising Healthy Families

Suzan Greenwood
Tuolumne County              Program Coordinator        Resource and Referral            Child Care Initiative Project
Child Care Planning Council

Athena Low, MBA, MSEd
Director of Finance and Operations

Kaysee Trambley
Tuolumne County              Program Manager
Child Care Subsidy Program

Shana Bender
Mariposa County               Program Coordinator        Resource and Referral            Child Care Initiative Project

Elllen Emerson                        Fiscal Assistant

Erica Talavera                    Tuolumne County                    Case Manager                                    Child Care Subsidy Program

Kim Cruson                        Tuolumne County                    Case Manager                                    Child Care Subsidy Program

Stephanie Hart
Tuolumne County                  Family Success Coach
Raising Healthy Families

Tina Cones
Tuolumne County              Program Specialist            Resource & Referral

Jennifer Reggiardo
Tuolumne County                  Family Success Coach
Raising Healthy Families 

Angela Wilson
Tuolumne County                  Family Success Coach
Raising Healthy Families 

Amber Branaugh               Tuolumne County                   Office Assistant                      Program Specialist                Resource & Referral 

Sarah Hamlet                    Mariposa County                     Office Assistant                      Program Specialist                Resource & Referral

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