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Infant/Child Enrichment Services, Inc. (I.C.E.S.) is a public benefit, non-profit corporation created in 1983 to provide a variety of child care and parenting support services to families in Tuolumne and Mariposa counties. The ICES vision is that all parents in the community have access to quality child care and parenting education.

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ICES operates on a
non-discriminatory basis, giving equal access to services without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, disability, marital status, sexual preference, gender identity, veteran’s status, political affiliation, or any other bias prohibited by law.

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Who are We?

Our staff has a passion for our mission and a strong commitment to providing professional, responsive services. We understand that we are stewards of public funds and work hard to provide services that follow best practice standards in a fiscally responsible manner. We attend ongoing training and work to stay up-to-date in order to provide the best possible services to our communities. We also strive for high-quality, responsive, and friendly customer service as we serve parents, families, and child care providers in our community.


What to Consider When Searching for Child Care
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What to Consider When Searching for Child Care

Licensed child care is regulated by Title 22 of the California Health and Safety Code to protect the health and...
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Cultivating Resiliency: Six Core Strengths for Healthy Child Development
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Cultivating Resiliency: Six Core Strengths for Healthy Child Development

Attachment: Making relationships Self-Regulation: Holding impulses Affiliation: Being part of a group Attunement: Being aware of others Tolerance: Accept differences...
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Strategies for Building Attachment
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Strategies for Building Attachment

Last Updated 9/14/2020 How you interact with children sets the tone for your relationships with them. When your relationship with...
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